What our e-book readers have to say:

SubhanAllah. May Allah reward you for you efforts, Ameen.   In a time where even muslims are getting in on the riba claiming that it is riba free, its good to see that someone actually cares. This is great information. I am saving now and insha Allah I will be in position to put this into work this summer. Thank you so much.


This book will certainly prepare me on what to ask and look for in our next purchase.


I found your ebook to be very informative, very professionally organized and written, and artfully presented.


Excellent ebook, I really enjoyed how the book was laid out it.


Salam walaikum my dear brother and sister,

I commend you for righting such a great book. Inshallah your book will inspire many people to follow in your footsteps and inshallah Allah Al-mighty will allow those who follow to be as successful as you were.

May Allah reward you both with the best of this wold and the next.

Barakallah feke.


Hoda and Humza do an excellent job explaining in detail the steps required to purchase a home in the US interest free. From how to budget for the property to how to market yourself to sellers and even how to write up the buyer’s contract, it’s clear they did their homework so you don’t have to! A nice read.


I found your video on youtube about how you bought your home and I was very inspired barakallahu feekum! I purchased the kindle edition of your book and may be reaching out to you with questions in the coming months. May Allah keep us steadfast on His obedience and increase us in Halal provisions.


Asalam u alaikum Hamza and Hoda

May Allah swt bless you for the time you took out in writing this e-book

It definitely switched a light bulb


Jazakallah Khayr for your info.  I’m ready to take the steps I need to take to be interest free.  And to help the many others under my influence as well.


I’ve just read your home buying guide from start to finish without pausing. My wife and I have been desperately looking for a way to purchase a house without interest and without getting involved with some of the dubious mortgages aimed at Muslims. Until I read your book my plan had been to attempt to buy something at the bottom of the market by borrowing from friends and family. Paying back the money over five years would be just about feasible but here, some lenders would want an extra payment tied to inflation to ensure they don’t lose out.

The other option is to just wait until the housing market in the UK undergoes a substantial fall. There have been some slight falls in price but mainly prices have kept quite steady. Unfortunately pressures on housing in UK cities are such that prices are unlikely to fall much further and may rise again soon.

Anyway, the fact that you managed to achieve what you did just sounds incredible to us. We plan to stick to our principles and would love to disprove all those who advise us to just follow those fatawa that allow one to take out a regular mortgage.

T. C.